Time to venture into the Past!

It's been a while since I last blogged and I'm no longer living in Nottingham at the moment as I have moved back into my old Student accommodation in Hereford! I'm so glad to be back its been great seeing my housemates again and course mates. I don't actually go back to uni until the thursday however. It seems forever I might as well move back to Hereford in January as it is getting closer to christmas.

Anyways on to other things. I have been busy obviously trying to get my work ready for the start of the course but last night was the meet and greet at the local pub for freshers and I was in a very 1940s mood and looked it! What made it better was that I was getting ready listening to The Andrew Sisters. I am just loving my hair at the moment and experimenting with it. Here is my hair in rollers to start off with just need to hair net not lmao!

I also tried to do a little bit of a pin up makeup look minus the red lipstick as I need to invest in some. But overall I think it worked well. I had some good comments about my hair.

Tonight is pirates night for freshers. And to get in the mood I have been watching Pirates of the Carribean plus because I haven't watched it for a while. I have some how put an outfit together but I will blog the outfit tomorrow.

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