Atcs, Birmingham and photo shoot

On friday I went to Birmingham with my friend Cottia and it was great! We went first down to the cow vintage warehouse so she could get some clothes for her photography shoot. It was fun looking at all the wacky dresses and at such good prices. I picked up this dress from there for £4 originally from America.

I didn't realize till after I brought it it had the tag 'all that jazz' which I thought was pretty ironic. While in Birmingham we also did some generalized shopping. I picked up this lovely jumper from forever 21 which I always avoided because I thought it was expensive when it actually isn't. This jumper only cost me £13 and its really good quality.

We also took a visit to Yo!Sushi which both of us haven't been to before and we both had some lovely vegetarian meals then for afters a Krispe Kreame doughnut. I don't know were they have been all my life as I have never had one before until that friday. YUM!

Apart from Birmingham I have been busy going on photographic shoots while also making some atcs for a recent swap I'm in. We had to make 2 atcs for one partner one featuring a vintage mickey another the more modern mickey. I must admit I was a little stuck on it but I think they turned out all right in the end.

On Monday cottia need some help in the studio and I was her substitute model to practice with. I tried on the 60s dress and the 80s and well here is just the 80s picture.

I loved the shoot and as much as I didn't think the dress would suit me, it actually does! I know I'm not very 80s apart from the dress but it was only a practice shoot.

Sorry for the quick post but I have to get back to doing some of my dissertation work =( its hard to juggle life and uni work together.

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vixen said...

sounds like you had a fab time in Birmingham and found some fantastic bargains :)