No stress and more work.

I mentioned the other week I was heading back home to Nottingham just to get away from all the work as I was starting to get a little stress. And I tell you what it has done be me some good! Being back home was lovely just forgetting about the work and being able to spend some time with my parents.

Apart from sitting on the sofa with a blanket cuddled up watching movies with my mother at the weekend we did go and choose some new paint for my bedroom as it is getting redecorated at the moment. (Which was another weird thing to go back home to...white walls!) Because I might only be at home for another year me and my mum had a mutual decision on these two colours.

There very spring/summer and I can't wait to go back home again near the christmas to see it completely finished. While at home as well me and my mum was talking about my photographic work. Which I experimented with today while at uni in the studio and this is what I cam up with.

I did try using led lights but it was seeming to work, however putting them in a different way through photoshop has worked. The photograph really creates a fairytale forest and gives the feeling of it being dark were as the little lights just give it a more wimsical feel. I'm really loving my project so far and can't wait to do some more.

Another thing my mum got me to help with my stress was this aromathearpy blend made by one of her friends.

It definetly has lavender in it but I am a little bit unsure about the other fragrances.
Apart from just uni work I have also started doing some crafting. Particularly this week as I better use my christmas fabric just before december. Hopefully I might sell something otherwise I've got to wait till next year.

I'm now going to leave you with this little quote I found.

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