Red Cups!

The red cups are out in starbucks yay!!!! So while I was busy exhibiting my work which I will explain afterwards I decided to go down and get my eggnog latte with a free praline mocha but without coffee for George (he doesn't like coffee.) Because I have also managed to loose my starbucks card I got a new one and it is all christmassy themed.

I love the little quotes on each of the mugs so festive. Even though the red cups are out at starbucks and I love christmas I'm not ready for christmas to come just yet. all the decorations are out in the shops and I just feel it is still to early to be displaying all the christmassy goodness. Oh well I'm sure I'll be in the christmas spirit soon even though I have made all my xmas cards and started buying pressies while I have the money being a student and all.

I haven't really mentioned this but I have managed to get my work in the well known Hereford Photography Festival this year and I am sharing an exhibition space with George. I have had a lot of comments about my work and I might be selling one as I gave details. Anyways its been on since Monday and will be taken down on the saturday. So if your around the Herefordshire Worcestershire you should come down to the old Mayors Parlor and take a peak and say hi.

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