Happy Halloween!!!

hope everyones having a spooktacular day. I haven't really done much except sit in on a exhibition with both mine and my boyfriends work. However I might have sold two prints which is good. Anyways I have a few halloween things to share with everyone. Firstly here is the card I made for my parents.

I also made a banner saying halloween but sadly I haven't got a picture of it. Here is the presents that my parents got me along with my card.

I might have to have the sign up all year round its just so cool. I can't wait to have my own place then it can live somewhere in particular on halloween. The pumpkin scarf is a lush bath bomb with a halloween theme which I will definetly be using this week.

Sadly this year there is no dressing up for me but I am going out for a couple of drinks later. Well I won't be drinking as I haven't been feeling that well. Anyways here is a few pictures of me dressed up as sally from last year.

Hope everyone has a great halloween!!!


Sue said...

FAb photos!!! Happy Halloween

fatmonica said...

Looks like you had a great Halloween.Love that silky pumpkin bag.

sixofone said...

I love the card, and your parents' pressie is cool

Kirsteen said...

I love the card and the gifts. The sign is really cute - do you know where your parents got it from? I want one :) Cool Nightmare Before Christmas piccies too Kx

vixen said...

wonderful card and looks like you had a good halloween :)