Vintage, Autumn and Halloween

Just as the title states I'm going to chat about these catagories starting with Vintage


As read in previous posts I went to a Hereford Vintage Festival a couple of weeks back. It was very small but everything was really resonably priced. There was a few dresses that I was tempted to buy but I thought I better not as I have an issue with vintage dresses not fitting me so didn't want to waste my money. However I did buy 2 lovely scarves that I can wear in my hair

They are planning on doing another one in April and fingers crossed I will still be in Hereford as I break up around then for the easter holidays.

Also last week when I went to York there was another vintage fair. I'm sure they are following me which is a good thing for me but not for my bank account. Anyways from there I brought a up-cycled skirt and my boyfriend George brought me this very cute compass ring which sadly doesn't work but it is still such a cute item.


I previously was part of an autumnal swap and I received back my packages and both of them was lovely. Americans love autumn and Halloween and you can just tell by these lovely gifts.

Everytime I kept pulling out a new item more fabric and glitter leaves would come with it. It was like autumn in doors for me. I'm hoping to make the leaves into a little garland or something just to show more of my love for autumn.


Again more swaps I've been part of this time a halloween atc swap and here is my one with a very cute little mort.

I love this stamp! I should really buy my own though instead of stealing my mums every now and again.


Next week a lot will be happening and I will try and do some pre planned blog posts tomorrow. Its Georges birthday on wednesday so I will be out celebrating that but I will also try and have a halloween themed week of blog posts. Friday I am hoping to start a craze called folksy friday so if anyone has any spooky halloween items please let me know.


Just_a_bean said...

Great ATC and what lovely items from your swap!

My simple life said...

wow lucky you, so many great things from your swaps!

fatmonica said...

Great ATC and I'm jealous of your swap gifts-they're lovely.

Sue said...

Love that ATC !!

Pam said...

Great swap items-very cute pumpkin!!