Catch Up

Wow eleven days since I last blogged *slaps hand* naughty Jasmin! But I do have a reason behind why. Mostly because I have been reading books to help with my dissertation and starting to look into some ideas for my project. Anyway even though I have been doing a lot of university based work I have been trying to make some time for my crafts and general life.

So far I have been busy making more apple cosies as they have been really popular plus I need to make some for my mum to take back to her work as a few people have been asking about them.

I have also been busy making some atcs and here is my more recent one with an owl theme

Another swap I have been in is a tag book swap. I have yet designed the covers yet which need to be done by saturday eep but I love the overall design of my tag. We have to create 10 tags either all the same or each one different and post them off to which we will receive not only one of my own back but 9 from other people as well.

(this was one of the test ones with wording but its pretty much the same)

I hope my mum better be impressed as we have both ended up in the same group woops!

As well as some crafting I went on a trip to york on friday and came back yesterday. Me and George went to go visit his brother along with some other people. And it was amazing! I wish I could move to York instead. We went out for a few drinks on the friday night but on saturday me and george decided to go for a little walk around York and down the shambles and to my surprise I saw a vintage fair! How could I not resist and I did end up buying something which I will post up soon along with the headscarves I brought from the Hereford Vintage Fair. I didn't take many pictures on my digital as I was busy starting to take pictures for my photographic project using my brownie. Fingers crossed they come out but here is just a couple of pictures.

I will be trying to sort myself out a timetable to help with my time management juggling with my crafting, blogging and university work. But I will try and put enough time in the days to blog. Hopefully no more waiting eleven days till another post


vixen said...

wow the apple cosies look fab as do your atcs :)

Claireliz said...

Great creations there.

Ali said...

great atcs, and love that crochet - really nice :)

fatmonica said...

Love the apple cosies-I had no idea such things existed!! I really love that tag swap page. I hope it's the same swap I'm doing-I'd love one!