no more petticoats

I have been busy currently doing uni work but when I have the time I have been working on my skirt ready for tomorrow. The idea for the skirt was inspired by a dress I saw back in London down at Vintage at Southbank. There I saw a red gingham dress with little gingerbread men on it. With this in mind and my sewing skills not that great I decided to start making a gingham half circle skirt.

I have quite a bit left to do on it but otherwise I think its going well

Apart from the petticoat. I'm trying to attach some tulle underneath to give it that more 50s inspired look. After so much struggling and nearly giving up I have figured something out so far but I think I might have to work on a couple more layers. Fingers crossed it will be done by tomorrow for the xmas uni party. If not I might have to go without.

For my advent present today i got some little chocolates with some very cute woodland inspired designs

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