As usual my reason for my late blogging (2 weeks to be precise) is because of getting work done. Especially as my deadline was on Thursday last week and these past couple of days I have just been resting up.

My photographic work I have been doing recently has been looking at how forests are used within fairytales as forests could be seen as both a good thing and a bad thing. As well as handing in the 8 images I had I also decided to add in a book as well to go with my work the day before hand in. Trust me and overall I feel the book worked better than the series of images as there was far too many and lacked a narrative were as the book did.

I tried to make it look like it was my fairies by raiding the garden for some leaves etc plus it gave me a chance to experiment with the new distress stains and distress inks I have received recently.

After finally getting my work done I have been making quite a few atcs and entering a couple of swaps so here is the variety of atcs I have made

The cupcake drawing on the atc was something I designed myself but did have a little help from the octopode factorys version of her 'Eat Me' Cupcake design. I don't really have a favourite out of these three but I am enjoying the racoon as he was a new stamp I received for xmas.

Here is also a couple of birthday cards I've made since the beginning of this month. The robots is my dads and the cupcake one is my mate Cottias card.

Fingers crossed I will keep blogging regularly.


Alana said...

I love your photography style.

Karen leonard said...

Super cards....love your wellies too!

fatmonica said...

Love the photo album-what a great idea!And the ATCs are gorgeous!

Dotty said...

Gorgeous cards! Love the robot one :)

Donna x