Happy Days!

Today has just gotten better and better and I wish the day was longer. Few pressies and have finally sorted out my dissertation.

On wednesday I had my tutorial for my feedback on my 1st draft for my dissertation and to put it bluntly it wasn't good. Full of so much negativity and no actual good critism for me to maybe work on. However my tutor gave my essay to someone else to look at and had so many nice things to say. Not only am I getting the harvard referencing right but my writing is actually okay and not as bad as it was said before. So I am over the moon. I will be restarting the essay just to get a better fresh start with a chance of the title being Fairytales used within contemporary photography along with a whole and more fuller structure for my essay. But overall I am pleased hopefully I can get a tutorial next week about my new title and structure then I will begin writing.

Not only had that made my day but I had two parcels just waiting for me ready to be opened. One was a parcel from the netherlands containing a lot of hello kitty goodies for the theme of the swap.

I was so happy with it especially as last time I joined a Hello Kitty swap I never actually received anything. And i just love the unusual hello kitty Moscow card.

The other parcel was from my mum and dad as I had asked them to send down my Tangled dvd and some spare foam pads to use with my distress inks. But not only receiving them I also received two dougnuts from Krispe Kreme which have not gone stale and a very cute Cath Kidston flannel. COWBOYS ALL THE WAY!

The other day I brought some shoes and because I have had such a good day today I have decided to keep them as I was still undecided but being only £18 from £45 definetly is a good price! I thought I could wear them during the day as they are only a low heel and have rubber soles instead of the horrible slippy things you get.

I think they make me sophisticated The dress was another bargin back at the beginning of this month for only £7 from dorothy perkins. Hope everyone else has a good day!

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