Date night and craft

Its been such a very chilly day it just makes me want to cuddle up with a blanket and hot chocolate and watch a movie on the TV. That's if I had a TV. I guess I could do the same with a laptop. Anyways I have been receiving a lot of items in the post through swap-bot which I will share some of the items with you.

Can't wait to try out the Starbucks coffee I think I will tonight or tomorrow as I haven't tried that flavour before!

As well as receiving a lot of post I have been busy trying to rethink my folksy shop and also my new etsy shop which should be sorted in the next month. Anyways because I have a love for photography and crafting I thought why not and try and combined both of them. Here is just a little drawing I've done so far.

I thought it could either make a cute plush for children to use or maybe do smaller versions as brooches. Especially if I do variety of cameras such as the classic Polaroid. I have also been considering maybe trying to sell some of my photographic work online but I will have to think about that still.

In other news me and George decided to have a 'date night' and stupidly I forgot to take pictures of my outfit plus a few pictures from the night. Anyways I wore a combination of orange and pink with my new black shoes. And we decided to go to ASK as we had never been before. However, the whole reason we went was because I noticed there was an O2 priority moment for 2 courses for £10. However, this was only on the O2 set menu which to be honest there was nothing veggie apart from a Margarita pizza so we coughed up well I say we, George coughed up the money for the meal.

It was such a lovely night that we're thinking of doing it more often. Maybe once a month if we have the money. Hopefully next time we have another date night there will be pictures.
Hope everyone wrapped up warm!

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