Things I love friday

Fridays are always my favourite time of the week, so depending on how it goes I plan to do a weekly segment of things I have currently love this week. It will be a variety of things such as new blogs I have found, fashion, crafts, quotes and maybe some funny segments. So here it goes. The 1st one of the year.

I came across a new blog the other day called Blue Feather Styleand I just love her style and her hair! I think she her style is so quirky yet vintage which is what I love about her.

This quote found here

I have been watching a lot of big bang theory recently and I just have to put this quote up (found via pinterest)

If only I had a suitcase preferably vintage to do this to. So cute and a great way to store things here

This is all I have currently and hopefully I will get a little bit more images and quotes ext to show as I only just thought of this today.

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