Happy belated Valentines Day!

Happy Belated Valentines Day everyone and hello to a couple of my new followers. I hope everyone had a lovely day I know I did. George surprised me with such a lovely idea! Definetly different. He left me a clue at my house and sent me on a little treasure hunt to find him. Each clue led from one favourite shop to another until I finally found him at number 10 waiting for me since 9.30 with a sandwich, some tea and foo fighters playing in the background for lunch. It was such a surprise as I never expected anything like this. Plus all the cards were in atc form that he made himself. He knows me too well.

Here is just a few things I picked up along the way along with the cute card he gave me.

For valentines day I got George quite a few things to be honest. Stuff I even forgot

What was the funniest is that he thought I got him The Incredible Hulk and Thor as he wants to build up his Marvel DVD Collection before The Avengers comes out. I did ask him which hulk it was I needed to get but I'm sneaky that way. But he loves his sherlock and the book I made for him

In fact he loved all the gifts.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day I know I am!

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Mrs Jones said...

Wow, that is so cute! I love the Kiss tickets