Weekend Plans 17/02- 18/02

I got this idea off of One Sheepish girl and thought it was a good idea. So here it goes my plans for the weekend

Basically it is a lot of work. I saw the Alice through the visual arts book at the Tate when I went to London. And I'm so glad they had it in my uni library. However, I am tempted to buy the book now it is so good. I highly recommend for any Alice In Wonderland fan out there. I will also be reading the bloody chamber recommended by my tutor as to help me out with my next and final photographic project fingers crossed.

During breaks from the work I will also be trying to do some posting of recent atcs like my next woodland creatures one along with making some more atcs and having a go at doing altered dominoes.

Although my dominos are slightly smaller than normal so will be making a couple instead of just the one. Of course the dominos have an alice in wonderland theme. I've gone alice mad again just like I did this time last year I believe. It must just be this month.

Before I forget my boyfriend hasn't been feeling well so I have been trying to make him feel better and being the lovely girlfriend I am. Well even though he still isn't 100% he came round today with some flowers. My Favourite ones!

So may bright colours in that photo! The roses in the glass are from valentines day. Hope everyone is having a good weekend, I better get back to my reading and writing.

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