London and Swaps

Wow! last week was such a busy week. I took a trip down to London with uni to see a few exhibitions. The V&A had some pretty good work. I didn't take many photographs apart from on my Diana f+ which I still haven't used up the film but I only have some night time pictures from mine and Georges walk down southbank.

While I was in London I decided to stop at my nans for a bit as well as it is always nice to see her and my uncle and see how they are getting on. Because I didn't get back till Thursday I had lots of things to do. I had a few atcs I needed to make and post.

They are not the best I've made I must admit but it was tricky and I think I probably won't do something like these again. I also decided to be part of a Wonderland Tea Party Swap which just screamed at me! We had a budget of £5 to create a Alice in wonderland themed box. I actually spent a little bit more on my partner but here is the things she will be receiving

Tea Cup
2 Notebooks
Some cupcake cases
3 types of fruit tea
Mushroom sharpener/eraser (I have one of these in blue)
Handmade necklace and bracelet

I hope she enjoys them. I enjoyed putting them together. Each wrapped with its own little Alice in Wonderland saying. I was wrapping these while watching the Disney animation.

Apart from swaps and London I have just been trying to get my dissertation done. Sadly I'm only just over 2000 words and its a 6000-8000 word essay due in 4 weeks! But I did have to start again.

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obsequies said...

You're little swap lot is so sweet! It looks like a real nice variety, and very Wonderlandy. I'm sure your partner will be very pleased!
Also, those old school gamer atcs rock =D