So it has finally snowed! Not much but there is snow! However as much as I like the snow I really wish it was before Christmas rather than now. Its so cold =(

Anyways I have been busy with restarting my dissertation as after handing in the first draft a couple of weeks ago I didn't get good feedback. So trying to write between 6000-8000 words is going to be tough in four weeks! At least I have a 1000 so far. I hope to try and get at least a 500-1000 done by tomorrow as I'm off to London on Monday until Thursday. Part university seeing exhibitions and part going to visit my nan. Which I am looking forward to but I will try and have some advanced blog posts by then.

In other news I have also received some new business cards for my photography. I went with moo cards as last year they was really good but instead of the standard size card I decided to go a little smaller. And I love them! There so cute!

Fingers crossed I will be able to give some out. I hope to maybe try and get some for my folksy shop as well.

Sorry this isn't such a long blog post I need to get back to my dissertation =(. Just remembered here is a picture of my new guitar. George says I should name it but I haven't yet but I have started playing again. I've currently been trying to learn Foo Fighters Times like these acoustic version.

I have been in a bit of a foo fighters mood this week. Hope everyone is enjoying the snow.

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Mrs Jones said...

Good luck with your dissertation, whenever I had to do an assignment I had to tidy the whole house first before I could concentrate. I have also just received some cards from Moo - I bought normal ones for giving out and the mini ones to go out with parcels. Yours are lovely.