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I have joined a swap on swap-bot which is related to the blogging world. All I have to do is write about my partners blogs in a minimum of 100 words. So here it begins my little review on all the blogs I have been given to look at. I don't usually do stuff like this but here it goes.

1. My Jungle of Life in Oklahoma

Even though this blog is quite wordy it is quite interesting. It's not exactly my usual type of blogs I look at. However the posts are interesting. I quite enjoy that she is documenting her helping with a wedding. She seems very interesting.

2. Dining room table art

This blog is very cute full of small crafts that look really lovely. I particularly love the art book collection. I also like the way the wording is very short and simple and doesn't give to much away about the persons personal life which is another thing I like about some blogs as I don't always read every word written especially if it is quite long. Love the art work!

3. Notes from the mastermind

I love blogs with pictures and I hope to try and take more pictures for my blog. But anyways more about this particular blog. This blog is a bit of everything similar to mine and I'm loving all the quirky little items she photographs and tells were she got them from. Wish I lived in America. O well =( by the way I'm loving the purple hair on one of your posts!

4. Bedding down in Bedlam

I'm liking the colour background for this blog very messy which I love! Her blog consists of music videos from you tube that she is interested in and it is interesting to see her tastes (I like Mars Volta to). The text isn't too wordy which I like as well. It is almost a little bit tumblr style but with a more personal feel rather than loads of pictures slung in.

5. Tea with lemon Photography

I am in love with this blog and it reminds me a bit of myself . Loves art and photography! And the art work is amazing just love it! The layout is very cute and simple to use. I would love to swap an atc with her but I doubt any of mine will be as good as hers!


Karen Grigsby said...

Thanks for the sweet review. Usually I try to add photos but my computer has died...So hopefully once I get a new computer I can add photos..Your blog is one that I want to follow.
Kraftykj from swap~bot

Wendy Ramos said...

So glad you liked my blog! I would swap ATC's with you any time!!!