Yesterday all of the photography course went to a village in Herefordshire called Weobly (a place I actually like to call wobbly for some reason) anyway it was such a lovely day and such a lovely village. Sadly I don't have any pictures, well I do but they are all film images as I took my Diana F+ so you might have to wait a bit of time for that but in the mean time here is just a photograph of me and a horse.

Sorry I forget to take pictures of all the cute vintage petrol pumps and the cat sat on top of the printer/copier in a shop but you will see the photographs soon. I promise.
I have nearly completed my dissertation. YAY! *dances around the room* I only have the Conclusion left to write and I'm over the minimum word count by 500 words yay! I am so happy it is nearly done and out the way and then I can concentrate on P11- my final photographic project and P9 just some general stuff on photography in relation to me research etc.

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