April Showers

Well I am back in Hereford and since coming back Sunday it has been constant rain. Talk about April Showers! But it does give me a chance to actually do some uni work as I only have 7 weeks till my last project is due in that will go back quickly. Anyways I arrived back into Hereford for a few little parcels one being a April Birthday Swap.

I am in love with the notebook and I have been planning to journal everyday which shall start next week with the first page being my first instant polaroid. Talking about that here it is.

I brought my polaroid about this time last year and I was so excited to finally see if it worked. The film costs a lot so I am using it sparingly but I hope I can buy some more one day. The picture I have taken so far I have just fallen in love with! Even though there is a few imperfections I will keeping this photograph safe forever. I have been so busy since getting back to uni that I have been forgetting about my blog. I had a group presentation to do on Tuesday today has been sorting out my new photography website and monday was a chat with my tutor about my current and final photographic project.

I better get back to doing some work =( but first I will have a mint green tea and a red velvet cupcake which my mum backed for me before I came back to Hereford.

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