Craft, work and plum muffins

Again it is the dreaded university work and not the practical side I have to do either which is more fun. This is the dull boring bit on which I have to fill a folder with business plans, contacts I have made marketing strategies etc just a complete dull folder or two folders if your like me. However I have been trying to defeat this boring folder with adding a little fun to my day. This morning I popped into town to post some items for swaps and my new pen pal I have in California.I am so excited! One of the swaps I have done is a moustace atc swap which is not my best but it works and that is getting to someone in the UK which makes a change for me posting stuff to America all the time.

I have also been busy making some flower hair accesories for my nan who is having an event at her local church.
I will be making flowers brooches and pencil cases for her and all needs to be done by next week! So I have been trying to do a couple at a time. Another way to defeat the boredum of P9 today was to make some muffins particularly muffins i have not yet tried. I thought it would be interesting to make plum muffins with honey and cinnamon in the mixture. I have yet to try them but fingers crossed they will taste okay. I will let everyone know monday and if they work I will be posting a receipe of how to make them.

Apart from the P9 folder I have to do I will be popping round my mates house later for girly fun. chats and giggles. Plus she said I will be getting my birthday present! EEp so excited my birthday has seem to last ages. I still don't feel 21 though.

Just remembered the Avengers was amazing especially in 3d! If you have not seen it you should go and see it you don't have to have watched the lead up films before hand to know what is happening. Brilliant film. Have fun everyone
Have fun everyone!

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