Emails, emails and more emails!

I have been making a lot of phone calls along with emailing places today trying to plan locations for my vintage inspired photoshoot I have planned. I did ring the Black Country Museum today which would have been perfect however it costed a little bit too much after adding on petrol cost and time. Owell at least I have a few other places I can look into photographing around such as Ascot Farm and maybe even Ironbridge if I feel it is the right venue. Enough about university work I have been constantly thinking about it all day as I have a shoot planned this saturday and I am just hoping the weather will hold out. *fingers crossed* Time for a break from the uni work by letting you know what I have been up to. I have been trying to crafting into my busy schedule this past weekend and I made at atc for a swap I joined through swapbot.

This is a stamp designed my The Octopode Factory of Dorothy. At first I didn't like it as the yellow brick road and the sky wasn't working plus my white gel pen decided to be a bit of a pain. But I keep looking at it and have been given a few compliments about it and I am falling in love with it! It makes me want to watch the film again as well. About 4 years ago I used to have a pair of red sparkly shoes they I constantly wore to secondary school and the amount of times I got called Dorothy because of them. It was heartbreaking to throw them in the bin.

This weekend as well has had a few more birthday surprises to. They just keep coming and it is now May! Anyway from my housemates I got a book on how to make some cakepops which I will be attempting in the next fortnight. It has to be done and I will remember to blog about them.

I also received some silicon heart shaped cupcake moulds and some lolly sticks for the cakepops. When I visited my mates house on Saturday I also received a couple more gifts which was this lovely box in which I need to find somewere for in my uni room as I am running out of space. I also received a lovely ceramic thermal mug saying my favourite saying and the title of my final photographic work 'Keep Calm and Carry On'

Have you ever received presents a couple of weeks after your brithday? I must admit I loved it personally.


Mandy Chilvers said...

hope you find your perfect location Jass, my big glasses are from the pound shop!

Mandy Chilvers said...

meant lilys big glasses not mine! lol