Baking and Crafting

The other day I was in a complete baking and crafting mood. Anything to distract me from doing my uni work. Anyways I managed to bake some heart shaped fairy cakes, some plum muffins and then even cheese scones for a second time which turned out loads better and were so much bigger!

I love baking, it makes me feel like such a domestic housewife I'd rather do that then have a job. I hope I can come up with some new receipes and that. Yesterday my course took a trip to bath in which I had a chocolate shot from a lovely cafe next to the cathedral it was yummy

Sorry this post is quite short I am off to Worcester to celebrate my birthday with my uni friends so it should be fun also I still have to pack as we are stopping over in travel lodge but not only do I have to pack for that I have to pack for a shoot I have planned tomorrow as well! But I will keep you updated about that one.

Have a fun night guys!

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