"I'm Working on the Railroad"

Since photographing the railway at the weekend I have constantly been having Railroad by the Zutons singing in my head which has got me listening to them again.

I love them they are such a summery band it is just a shame there is no sun at the moment but it doesn't start me from listening to them. I was so excited to be photographing up at the seven valley railway particlularly Arley. I feel I managed to get some wonderful shots of my friend Cottia while I was there. Here is just a few of my favourites along with some behind the scene shots.

I was so excited to show my tutors the photographs and I have now had mixed reviews about them. Don't get me wrong both liked the photos I had taken but there is still a little bit of tweaking here and there that needs to be sorted. I got told maybe it would be a good idea to go all flamboyant and do the pin up poses of the 40s and 50s and maybe even consider getting a hair and makeup artist. But with three weeks left then a week to print I have to really get cracking but this weather is just being a pain to be honest. I have decided I need to look at a few more photographers for inspiration but who I do not know so I need to ask a tutor about that to however I think the rest of the research is doing brilliantly and at least the tutors agree I have been progressing since the first fashion photoshoot I did which is a sigh of relief. I have had so much input on this project from fellow students and tutors helping me realise my potentional just fingers crossed everything will work out for the summer show in June.

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Mrs Jones said...

I like the style of these photos, particularly the one where she has a suitcase at her feet. Good luck with the rest of this project.