Hectic week

Sorry guys! For the past week I have been quite busy crafting away, photographing for my shoots and planning what to do next in my project so this update might be full of pictures and generally quite long but I might be able to shorten it. Currently my folksy shop has been closed as I had provided some items for my Nan along with some new items for her to sell at her fete her and her friends organized on sunday.

Apparently it went really well! The owl brooches were more popular however and I had them for some time just never put them in my shop. Just wondering what everyone else thinks? Shall I make some to sell in my shop online? I sold quite a bit of my items which she is sending back to me. I made £36 which for me being a student is really good and is money which I will be putting towards my final show exhibition.

Talking about the summer show I photographed at the local fire station for my recent project but this time with a different model and having a bit more of a pin up retro style.

Don't get me wrong the photographs look really good! However I have an issue that the photos aren't representing my whole 'Keep Calm and Carry On' and the link between the war and the recession. So I have decided to not use these within my final photographs but might use them in the future for something else.

Here is also a few sneaky peaks behind the scenes and shock horror I am wearing trousers!

Tomorrow me, my model, George and my friend Rob will be heading to Acton Scott Farm and Arley Railway station in which I hope to take some general shots on my diana or even with my polaroid. I have been dying to take more photographs on my polaroid. I promise I will have something blogged for tomorrow it might not be about the shoot but it will be from what has happened in the rest of the week


Amy Upton said...

Hi, just popping in from the folksy blog thread to say hi! love the owl brooches... i love anything owl but these are especially cute! xx

Anonymous said...

Aww, I love all your little crafty bits :) xox