Retro Fashion Shoot

Well wednesday I planned to get all my photographs done for my project in one day and successfully I have achieved just that and I love them every single one! But first curtosy of the boyfriend I will show some little behind the scenes of day. The first lot is at Acton Scott historic farm

We first drove to Acton Scott Farm which I absolutely loved and would love to have just a general visit there. I particularly enjoyed all the lovely baby piglets and ducks along with the donkey which was just adorable. Sadly I didn't take any pictures of the lovely baby animals but I do have a picture of a pig enjoying the sunshine.

We then travelled to Arley Railway Station in which I took over 150 photographs within half an hour and they are all pretty impressive and I am impressed with myself.

While doing the photoshoots I thought it would be a good idea as well to take some polaroid shots. Sadly I managed to loose half the images due to the chemical not dispersing but I will show all three anyway and see if anyone has any pointers on how to stop this from happening. By the way the film is from the impossible project so is brand new.

Finally it comes down to the actual photographs. I won't be showing all 8 but I will show you two, one from each location. I would love to get some feedback on them and also if they need more of a retro feel to them.

I will be showing the rest of the images on my new photographic website which I am currently editing still at the moment and should be live within the next week or so. I have decided to call my website Lifes Captured Moments as I feel this is more relevant to my work plus I never liked Jass photography. Hope everyone has enjoyed the sun recently it was nice while it lasted

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Mrs Jones said...

Your photos are great - particularly like the one sitting on the suitcases. They do look very retro.