Vintage love

Today was a pretty good today full of a variety of things. Firstly yesterday I went to my usual favourite sandwich shop Number 10 and noticed some leaflets for a pop up vintage shop in the historic buttermarket in the centre of Hereford and I knew I just had to go. Now I didn't really expect to buy a vintage dress more fabric and ribbon but I came across this little cutie and just could not resist so tried it on.

Usually vintage items particularly handmade like this one never usually fits me but I was shocked and at £30 for a late 50s early 60s dress I knew I had to have it. The print is just lovely and I can't wait to wear it in the summer hopefully the weather picks up soon. Aswell as the dress I brought some ribbon and I had a little goodie bag given me. I also got asked to have my photograph taken as I looked quite vintage today even though my front victory roll was a mess and I lacked makeup. The image might be put in the local magazine so I will keep everyone informed on that.I hope to keep visiting this shop which is just outside of Hereford again and the people there were so friendly.

I have also today decided to do a little experimenting with my hair again and after a few video tutorials I have finally achieved a hairstyle that I love.

I need to perfect my main victory roll a little but for a first attempt I don't think I did too bad. The flower in the back of my hair was something I got sent from America as part of the birthday swap.

Other good news today is my website is officially live! I have a few tweaks I need to sort out on it but please go visit and I will be updating the page on my blog as well to redirect to my new website.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

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