Wizard of Oz atcs and printing

This week has just been hecktic. I have being planning what paper to print my final images on for the summer show and hand in along with making some atcs for a private swap while still trying to find time in the day for myself. Firstly my atcs. Because my partner likes wizard of oz and loved my last wizard of oz atc she asked to see if I could send her four atcs in a similar style. Obviously they had to be Octopode images so here is the four I have sent her.

I really love my tinman and the lion is just too cute! Plus here is the ones she sent me. A little dark and creepy but I love them! I love weird and wonderful things.

Aswell as making atcs this week I have been busy planning what paper to print on getting buisness cards sorted etc and I finally have everything figured out. Here is just some test strips I have been doing

Sadly in the pictured they all look the same but trust me in person they are all different. I finally stuck with my original printing technique and they printed big! And I mean big well 24'x24' but that is still pretty big to me! I forgot to take a picture of them before mounting but when they do I will have a picture uploaded to the web of them in the art space I have been given. I have also forgotten to mention that tomorrow I have a one hour trial working at a cafe which then might lead into a job so fingers crossed and I will hopefully remember to blog tomorrow to tell people what it was like. It is only a saturday job but at the moment it is something and with Georges wages on there own they can easily pay for a flat and bills and I can spend my wages on food for us. That is something I have also forgotten to mention. Me and George have been flat hunting around Hereford. So far we have seen a couple of places and we are now waiting to view another property that is yet to be ready.

Sorry this is such a quick post. I can't remember if I posted but my new website is now live at and I would love to get peoples opinions.

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