Rhubarb Rhubarb

I have gained so much rhubarb over the past couple of weeks it is ridiculous and it is all being used to make rhubarb lemonade YUM! And I made my first batch of it on Sunday as I was a little bored and should have been doing work but though nah.

Because I had so much boiled down rhubarb left over I though I could make myself a rhubarb crumble. It took me some time to figure out how much I need to make the crumble bit but I soon worked it out and I might if I have time to post the recipe up on here.

As well as having so much rhubarb themed foods I have also been looking at decorating small flats for my and george. Even though we have yet to actually buy a flat we think we have found the one and all we have seen is a floor plan and the outside so fingers crossed it will be perfect for us both.
I actually can't wait to move into a flat now even though I will miss both my parents quite a bit but I will still be able to phone and visit them. Because of the moving and not being able to live off of student loans after this year I have gained myself a job as well working in a cafe. It is only a saturday job but its' a job for the time being until I can find something more in the photographic career or just a better retail shop.

I am now going to head out on the bike and soak up some of the rays that is left in the sky. Have fun you guys!

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