Hand in and loads of other things

Well since final hand I think I should have found time to blog however I have just been either forgetting or going out constantly *slaps hand* Anyways to keep everyone up to date my final hand in was on Wednesday and this will be last ever official hand in. I am not a happy bunny.

I have really enjoyed uni and I have made a lot of friends along the way I am going to miss it plus it will be the first time officially I will be no longer in education as I never took a year out beforehand. Career wise I have been looking for something in photography but I have had no luck recently but it doesn't mean I won't stop!

On the final hand in day I mentioned before I was making some cake pops for all my fellow year group and they went down a treat! Even the tutors and tech dem had a couple!

They were a vanilla sponge with a lemon and cream cheese frosting and I have been told I need to make them again for the private view. But that is if I have the time and money to do it as the summer show has drained me.

Ooo before I forget I also received my rice papers for my logo to go on some cupcakes for the business event on Monday morning. I am so looking forward to he show finally being up!

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