Jubilee Time

I am not one for celebrating the jubilee but might as well reshow the card I made for the octopode factory!

Plus I am enjoying the bunting that is around. I am a sucker for some bunting.

Both my nan and my mother sent me some lovely jubilee themed items the other day. My nan sent me this book that I have seen previously and I can not wait to make the mod cupcakes! She also made a pin cushion at one of her classes which was lovely of her to give to me instead of keeping it for herself.

My mum sent me one of her brooches a little similar to mine along with a little British note

I also got to try the jubilee special frappacino at starbucks which was a peppermint mocha and it came with a yummy starbucks chocolate coin.

As well as celebrating I have been busy attempting to make some cake pops. So far they are currently in the fridge to set and all I need to do next is decorate. The fun bit!

I must admit I am a little unsure what to do with the luster dust but I just knew I had to have it.

They are a vanilla sponge with a lemon cream cheese frosting which hope people will like but we shall see they might dislike them and then throw them! But it is my first time making them so we shall see.

I will post more pictures tomorrow of the finished cake pops all decorated and pretty fied! Hope everyone is having fun celebrating.

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