House Move

Today has just been a day of good and bad. As well as moving house and sorting everything out for that I have been doing some hours and uni stuffing envelopes with leaflets just so I can get a bit of extra cash.

As well as that I have been trying to look for a fridge, sofa etc along with the important stuff such as Contents insurance. The contents insurance in which I messed up on particularly as I was not entirely sure what was meant by the words excess fee, obviously now I know and everything has been sorted after a panic what do I do etc. So I would like to say thank you to my dad for helping me sort it out and I will never do anything on my own again as important as that but at least I have learnt my lesson now. Apart from contents insurance there has also been the internet needing to be transfered over to the new property so within the next coming weeks I might not blog as much. Well thats no change there but I will either go to my local Starbucks and blog or try and have some posts set up before the internet dies at my current location.
Apart from all the issues and that I have been overall excited and yet scared at the same time. Even though me and George have been going out for over a year now it just does not seem real for us both moving in together, it seems surreal but we are both certain that we want to do this and fingers crossed everything will work out and we will each get over each others naughty little habits that we can get over hopefully.
Even though I am excited I know I am going to miss both my mum and dad. I have a close bond with both of them but more so my mum as I was growing up just like she was as she had me at a young age. We have a close mother daughter bond and I know when I finally move in we are both going to get upset. About a month ago I had already been crying down the phone to her about how much I will miss it but I always know I have a home to go back to including my Nans home in London.
I hope the weather gets better for everyone, I don't know about you guys but I am getting tired of all this rain now.

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victoria said...

good luck babe in the move,
shall miss you heaps!