Home Sweet Home

Well I have finally moved into the new flat and I am loving it! It is such a lovely decent sized flat. Here is a sneaky pic of some of the contents. Sorry it is a little messy still unpacking boxes. But once each room is sorted I will slowly add more and better pictures to my blog.

Card Curtsy of my mum

At the moment I am lacking in internet so I am currently sat in starbucks drinking coffees and eating some yummy cake!

Anyways since Friday a lot has happened not only have a moved into the flat but I also got my grad from doing my Top Up degree in Photography and I can reveal I got a 2.2. I was a little disappointed at first but then I realised that actually it is a really good grade and to say I only did that course for a year is a great thing to think about. I have also thought that you are not actually judge on your grade as a photographer or even an artist for that matter but you are actually judge on your portfolio. My parents are really proud of me as well and have offered to buy me a new bike as my current one is falling apart they have said I can spend up to £300 and I am already looking and have seen a lovely bike in the local bike shop so I can not wait.

Other good news is that at the cafe I am currently working in I have been offered a full time position from september there so meaning more money so I can pay my way in the flat which is always a good thing. Anyways I have been in starbucks for a hour already and I think I better go soon as there about to close up! Speak to you guys soon!!1


Mrs Jones said...

Congratulations on your degree result. I got a 2:2 too - it took me six years part time (yikes!)

The Cookie Button said...

Aww, looks lovely :)