Two days before Graduation

It is my graduation on Thursday and I am really excited about it. I got my hair cut and dyed today and it is in its all red and curled glory with a slight vintage style more 30s I am thinking.

Anyway I have the dress sorted and my shoes and gown is ready to be hired. I am looking forward to graduation this year as I will be graduation not only with my best friends but also my boyfriend which is a little different and I will also be sitting next to him in Hereford Cathedral as are names are called out alphabetically. Even thought I am excited about graduation it does mean the end of education sadly. I am a little upset about this as I have thruely enjoyed my three years or uni and have gained some great friends through the course.

I do hope we can still stay in contact after uni as I will be upset otherwise. It is good that me and George have moved to Hereford as some of our friends don't live as far a way mostly Worcester based which is handy. Having been the end of my education it has made me realise that I will have so much time on my hands now in which I hope to get back into doing my crafting and obviously set up a photography career. I have a few ideas it is just a matter of getting them out there really. Anyways enough of me talking about education, graduation and the end of uni, I have decided I have a new chapter started in my life now being the moving out of my home and also finish university.

I hope it stops raining as I hope for it to be a lovely day on Thursday.

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