I'm Back

After having a week of internet I am finally back to blogging after a couple of months in which I apologise for the lack of posts these last couple of months.
Fingers crossed it won't happen again and I'll be back to my usual blogging.

The past couple of months for me have been quite fun an interesting as well as graduating with a 2.2 in Ba Photography Top-up I also went to London for my usual trip to see my Nan.

As usual we took a trip down Camden and Portobello Road and all the other places that I visit with my family.

Mums old haunt down Kensington when she was younger

As well as having a trip down London I have been preparing for a Vintage Festival happening in the town centre of Hereford so if you are around you should come visit as I will not only be exhibiting and selling my photography work but I have made some upcycled crafts such as apple cosies, bunting and even postcards and mirrors.
Apart from just selling items I also plan to have a go at my idea for my future plans as a photographer. That being a Vintage Inspired Pop-up Studio in which i plan to photograph people with in a little vintage setting. This probably being a mini tea party or using my typewriter or a book depending on what the person would like. From there I then plan on putting the images up on my website and hopefully selling the images.

Hopefully I will get everything done in time and everything goes to plan as this is going to be my first fair.

I thought I wouldn't bombard everyone with a long post of what I have been doing for the past couple of months so I feel this was suitable.

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