Vintage Festival

As some people will know I had my first solo exhibition at Herefords first Vintage Festival in the center of town. Overall I was really happy with the stall we did do a quick switch around of the table due to it being quite far back otherwise I enjoyed myself.

Sorry about the view =( the bf took the picture as I was just changing my shoes

I had so much feedback about my photography work and lots of interests in people hiring me so fingers crossed people will get back to me via my photography website.

As well as the main idea being to exhibit my photographs, I tried out my idea for a pop-up vintage studio which sadly I was disappointed by as I thought more people would have been dressed in vintage clothing. I did have a few interests in which the photographs will be uploaded to my site very shortly but in the future to make my studio slightly more showy I will consider maybe having a clothing rack of clothes along with a few props such as mustaches etc.

Apart from the little draw back of the studio, I had a little section for all my upcycled fabric crafts, postcards and mirrors. Shockingly I was surprised that I sold more of the bunting then I did all the other little bits and bobs due to the fact that it was the most expensive item on my stall! Overall I made £42 which I was shocked by as I didn't believe I would sell anything due to most of the stalls having vintage items.

Overall I throughly enjoyed myself and hope to be part of another vintage festival or even a craft stall and hopefully my photography will make me more noticeable

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Anonymous said...

Those are great pot noodles!
I actually have some pots like that so I may try them out :)