I have been back from Disney for less than a week now and I am definitely going to be going in school term again. It was quiet and not so long in queues. My mum enjoyed herself on her birthday. For breakfast in the pink palace my mum had the best view from the window for her birthday of the big number 20 along with sleeping beauties castle in the background.

As well has breakfast we had a character meal at inventions for her birthday. As well as seeing the big cheese and the top 5 characters we also saw Des O Conner who apparently is a famous comedian but I have this awesome photo of him and goofy.

Other things to mention was seeing the halloween decorations going up each day. Me and my mum was trying to spot new things each day.

Here is just a few (I mean a lot) more photos from the days happenings.

The spotted skirt with the mickey head on it was something I made and Minnie loved it! I also brought myself a mad hatters hat sorry about the picture of me it was raining and a bad hair day but the hat needs to be seen and it was a necessity I feel and it just amazing!

Ooo before I forget the Dreams show is just amazing. If your not planning on going to disney then here is the youtube video for it! I really want to see it again.

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Anonymous said...

This looks so awesome and has made me even more excited to go to Dsineyland Paris! Eeeee <3