I know I keep saying this but  really DO need to get back into the swing of things of blogging. I get home from work and I just want to relax as my only days off are on Sundays and even them I am still busy tidying up the flat and trying to get some crafts done.

Anyway I have done quite a few Halloween seasonal swaps this week. So here is some little sharing time. I hope you like them

Halloween Sign

I was interested in the little matchbox swaps I have been involved in and with someone elses help we organised a private swap in which I would send her an Halloween themed matchbox. Here is the one I sent

I have yet to receive mine yet but I absolutely loved this swap. The matchbox was so much smaller than I expected but either way I think it is adorable I hope she likes it. My only issue is that I am a little unsure that if I did more matchbox swaps were would I store them so I thought it would be best to stick with more seasonal ones and then I can have them out on those holidays.

I hope you enjoyed these little crafts and I will try and blog more otherwise i will force myself to. 

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Jumbleberries said...

Fab Halloween Crafts, thanks for sharing.

Jumbleberries xx