Christmas at number 32 (be prepared for lots of pictures)

Christmas was so amazing this year as not only did I get to spend it with my mum and dad I got to spend christmas with my boyfriend who is officially not a scrooge anymore! Here is just a couple of shots of my mums lovely tree and home at christmas. I wish I could make my home more christmassy.

I do love christmas mostly because I get to spend it with my parents but also some of the lovely presents from christmas day. I will photograph what pressies I got ready for tomorrows post, but one present I do have to mention was a lovely present from George which I have already started using.
Yes people, I now own my very own kitchen aid and not only do I have one my mum also got one for christmas to! Apart from she got a slightly brighter red to the one I have and can I say it is such an amazing thing to use expect lots more baking from me as it is less effort on the whisking and mixing.

Here is just a couple of other pictures from christmas day

Even thought that was one of the best presents I got the other one would happen to be the smallest. A necklace handmade by my mother which I am currently wearing right now. My mum has made it from soft silver and its a acorn leaf and she has one for herself which makes it that little bit more special.

Ooo and because I forgot to photograph them I also have the Christmas cards made for my Mum, Dad and George all stamps from the Octopode Factory of course.

Did anyone get any special gifts for christmas?

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