Just like last year I am going to do some mini quick highlights of my year in photos, stuff that has been quite big for me and maybe even life changing. 2012 was quite a big month not just for the UK but also for me as I have been going out with my boyfriend for a year nearly two years in March, moved into a flat with him, celebrated my 21st Birthday having my work featured in magazines and publications and last but not least graduating with a 2:2 in photography. Here is just a few of my favourite photos from 2012 representing some very memorable moments.

Being together with George for a year and moving into a flat together 

Celebrating my end of year show at Hereford College of Arts

Celebrating my mums 40th Birthday in Disney

Having my first solo exhibition along with selling my crafts

Celebrating my 21st Birthday in Leeds

Graduating University with my george

Finally probably spending my last christmas with my family but also celebrating it together with George

Happy New Year everyone!

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