Christmas at Number 71

So after nearly a week of saying I need to photograph my tree I have finally done it!

I decided on using lace around my tree instead of tinsel of a featherbow as I just wanted to be a little different. To be honest I am not sure what the colour scheme really is but it seems to work.

Here is a couple of little christmas moments around the house as well.

Even though I am posting this on christmas eve, me and George are currently heading on a train to Number 32, my parents house and spending christmas there. There are so many presents to carry however that is ridiculous but me and my family love giving presents. Also we will be having a celebratery Christmas Eve tradition which George is now going to join in with being National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

I will try and get a post done on christmas but if I have time. But if not I hope everyone has a Lovely Christmas I hope Santa comes and visit.

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