Christmas in London

Every year since I was born me and my parents have always gone and visited my Nan and my Uncle down London for Christmas and this year was no exception, even if I have moved out of my parents house I was still determined to go and visit.
Its so lovely to see my mum and dad just before me and George go up to visit them on Christmas eve and spend Christmas all together along with George joining us. Plus it is going to be mine and Georges first Christmas together even if it is with my parents it will be fun.

While in London my dad offered to drive us around up to Trafalger Square even though it was busy I did try and get a couple of shots. Well I say me more like my mum so here are some photographs courtesy of my mother.

We drove past Harrods as well but because we was driving by quite fast most of the pictures are a blue but what I saw was amazing! All the windows was Disney themed I just wished I could have had a few better photographs but this is the only one.

And I call myself a photographer lol

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