Blooming Tea

This is i feel is an interesting post as it is a tea that has a flower blooming! How I came about it is my friend went to Amsterdam for the New Year and as a little gift brought two of these little blossoming flowers to put in your tea and watch it bloom. We lacked a see through teapot which is what your suppose to use so instead we had some big glasses instead that was wide enough at the bottom for us to see and also so we could watch it blossom.

I must admit I thought it would be quick but it took about 10mins to properly bloom but I did photograph it in stages.

Here is the final blooming of our teas both the same flavours but different ways of blooming mine was the one on the right.

Weirdly even though they were the same flavours mine was a lot stronger and I am not sure why. Personally these were very cool indeed but the taste of the actual tea just wasn't right but overall a lovely experience.

By the way sorry for the bad phone pictures I couldn't find my compact camera the time and didn't really fancy using my slr.

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