Dress Making

So much for me trying to blog more oftern.... oh well. Anyways I have decided to make a dress. The reason for this venture is because I am forever making skirts why not give it ago on my little John Lewis sewing Machine. I was going to use a free pattern at first from the internet but then decided against this and brought one.
Pattern V2961 from 1953
 I was very much inspired by the hell bunny dresses so decided to go for this pattern in particular. Here is a picture of me in my lovely hell bunny dress!

The fabric on the background of the pattern is the fabric I am using very nautical and I feel quite rockerbilly and a little bit different. So far I have made the top of the dress which I must say was an absolute nightmare! (This is one of the reasons I have never attempted dresses or tops) but overall it has turned out all right even my button holes just need to add the buttons. The good thing about this dress is it can be worn as a halterneck or just tied at the front with a bow.
Front of the top
Close up

I have also nearly finished the skirt. Currently I am thinking of wearing it to my friends wedding which I'm photographing as well next weekend but if the sewing looks a bit dodgy then I will revert to the hell bunny dress. Just in case I am trying to look for a petticoat that will go with both dresses; I'm thinking baby pink at the moment what about everyone else? We will see how the dress goes and I will keep everyone posted.

Also I have been meaning to post this picture but a while back my parents brought for my birthday a vintage photoshoot experience with hair and makeup. Well I asked to have two outfits but sadly one of the outfit selection of photos have been lost so I will be going back in September. However here is one of the other outfit photos I had done. So here it is

What does everyone think? I very rarely wear pink as well but I just love the rollerblades plus it is different to my usual 50s swing dresses

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