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I got asked by my work to make a leaving card and a birthday card for two of my fellow employees. Now for family cards I tend to use the Octpode factory digis as I know a few of my family and friends will like them so these cards are a little bit more out of my comfort zone. Plus I have so many stamps I should really start using them more!
Birthday Card

Leaving Card
 All these stamps I got free from one of the most recent new craft magazines 'Get Stamping' which is very handy magazine with lots of tips and tricks. Also the best thing about it is you get a lot of the stamps they use within the magazine free and all for £8! I think it is a great magazine especially for new card/scrapbooking stampers. I find with other magazines that they only use there free stamp a couple of times and that is it.

I also found out my old tutor and teacher from my secondary school was leaving and a lot of her ex students got asked to write messages and post them to the organiser. I decided to use the hot air balloon again. I love this stamp and I feel it is a great stamp to use for people that are leaving. I am not sure why I think that though.

Tomorrow I will be blogging about my new reading/computer glasses. Yes I wear glasses! I am basically wearing them now and I love them but more on that tomorrow.

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vascriv said...

Loving the use of the balloon stamp,
these cards are great.