Brighton trip and other things

I got back yesterday from Brighton and I loved it down there. There was so many pretty things I wanted to buy but couldn't afford. I think I might have to try and convince my boyfriend for a trip down there cause as well as the shops there is also the arcades and the pebble beach which was fun. I even went in the sea and it was absolutely freezing. I also experienced Wagamamas and peach tea for the 1st time. I also found out there was a lot of vegetarian restaurants down there including a vegetarian shoe shop. Anyways here is a few, well maybe a lot of pictures from my couple of days there.

My dream bike

I have more pictures on my Flickr. When I got back from Brighton I had a small parcel from my dad. Sadly I ate the sweets before I photographed it but its so kind of him to do this.

Because this is such a long blog post I will finish it here with a picture of my stir fry I attempted today.

(btw just realised my pictures at an angle and I don't know why for some reason so sorry about that)

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