Sunday Style Crush

As well as these fashion inspired outfits I was inspired by this particular outfit by Little Chief Honeybee

I just love her fashion so I brought a dress at H&M similar to hers yesterday. I really like the dress I brought but after much consideration I'm thinking of taking it back as I know my £25 needs to go on other things like a new purse and driving licence so I might have to wait and see if it goes in the sale in January if it does I will be buying it then.

Speaking of purses it has taken me a while to find one I really like but today I found this one and I have fallen in LOVE with it so once I get the money back for the dress this will be my next purchase.

Need to go back to doing some work now so I hopefully I will be blogging tomorrow.

1 comment:

kaelah beauregarde said...

thanks so much for the feature :D i love your take on the outfit! that dress and those tights! i've been looking for a great pair of yellow ones! xo