Happy birthday Nan

Happy birthday to my nan. I hope she has a really nice day. I didn't know what to get her so I decided to make her a floral brooch. So here it is.

Also I was undecided on the card to make but I am glad that she liked it.

I finally managed to decided on my other project based on constructed photography and thought I would talk to my tutor about it. I've decided to look into childhood fears and have decided to take 8 photographs of different people and representing there fears through illustrated drawings of the fear for example a man looking scared at a drawing of a silhouette monster.
After talking to my tutor about this she said I am a very creative person to incorporate more other crafts into my photography which I took as a very good compliment. I must admit this year with my work I have tried to be a bit more creative with it.
Anyway to help me out I will have a page on the top titled What were your childhood fears? This would be very helpful for my work.
Hope everyone has had a good day.


Claireliz said...

Great card & flower. My childhood fear was a weird one - empty corners, you know as you lie in bed & look at the corner of the ceiling & wall, really used to wig me out, I have no idea why :D That probably does not help at all lol

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Great work there, I am sure she will love it