Candy Cane Cupcakes

As promised here is a few pictures of my newly decorated room which has gone from being very bright purple and green with lots of clutter to this...

I just love it! I must admit though most of my stuff is still at uni like my sewing machine. The colours are very bright but just make the room more airy. There isn't to much clutter around it either at the moment. However it is in boxes and I will need to go through it but I will do this after Christmas. I love the vintage games as well my mum gained from school on my shelf which makes my room a little bit vintagy along with the duvet. The blue side of my bedroom is a little plain but I will be trying to look for something to put on the walls. My bed sheets are polka dotted underneath the cover.

With more a Christmas vibe my mum made some lovely Candy Cane cupcakes yesterday and they are so yummy with their peppermint swirl and very christmassy.

My mum has made some more tonight but miniature cupcakes as we our hosting a cocktail party. We did this last year and because it went so well we thought we would do it again this year. It is a good chance for me to see family and friends before Christmas as well since coming back home from uni.

I better go help out. Talk soon!

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