Probably a new years resolution

i have been so terrible at blogging this month especially compared to last year *slaps hand* bad Jasmin! It looks like trying to find the time to blog more will be definitely one of my new years resolutions. Since going back to uni I just haven't had the time but fingers crossed I will.

Well anyways since my last post about two weeks ago I am finally back at home to a newly decorated bedroom which I will post some pictures up soon. Its so lovely and vintage I just love it especially the duvet but pictures will be up soon. Since being back at home I must admit I havent really been doing much at all apart from sitting around watching christmas movies and wrapping presents for my mum and dad which are now under the tree.

Before I came home however I have been involved in a lot of a secret santa swaps as I might have mentioned in the past. Here is a few items however that I have sent my partners. The union jack purse I made myself for my partner in Russia. It took me ages but I love it! and would love to make one myself.

Another swap I was involved in was a gingerbead atc swap and again I loved it and wanted to keep it for myself.

Before I go I received this lovely book in my advent bag and can't wait to read it tonight.

I'm not going to promise anything but I will try and blog tomorrow my bedroom.

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