Belated Mothers Day

Happy belated Mothers day for all mums who follow my blog and Happy Mothers day to my mum! She recieved her cards and presents today. Theparcel got slightly damp but thankfully her presents was okay. I forgot to take images but I got her quite a few crafty things

including a very cute little chick spring decoration which I sadly forgot to photograph but it is a Gisela Graham limited.

This year for a change I had to make two mothers day cards. One for my mum and I offered to make one for my boyfriends mum as well. My Mum's I tried to go steampunk with obviously an Octopode Character as I know she loves octopode. I do lack papers for steampunk but I think it worked out okay.

For Georges Mum I did something simpler as I wasn't sure what she liked but fingers crossed she will like it!

Before I forget here are the mugs george got me for are anniversary.

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